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RouterBoard RB450#

RouterBoard RB450
New embeded solution Routerboard 450 is another product from "Routerboard 400" series. Like RB411/433 is equipped with efficient CPU Atheros AR7130 clocked at 300MHz. RB450 is upgraded version of RB150 equipped in 3 times faster CPU, beacuse of that it enables use of the platform as a powerfull router.

RB450 mainboard doesn't have miniPCI slots - however it's equipped with 5 ethernet 10/100 BaseT ports. It has RS-232 serial port, 64MB NAND storage and 32MB SDRAM. Boards comes with installed Mikrotik RouterOS V3 level 4.

Technical specification#

CPU Atheros AR7130 300MHz
Memory 32 MB SDRAM
Data Storage 64MB NAND
Ethernet ports 5 x 10/100
Power Supply 10-30V DC
PoE 10-30V
Operating System RouterOS V3 Level 4

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 October, 2008.