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Ubiquiti airFiber 11 GHz (AF11-Complete-HB)

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
Product model: AF11-Complete-HB
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Ubiquiti airFiber 11 (AF11-Complete-HB)#

af11 AIRFIBER 11

airFiber 11 from Ubiquiti Networks is the first modular airFiber radio system purpose-built for the 11 GHz licensed frequency market that breaks free from the congested 5 GHz band. Housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor, airFiber 11 delivers amazing wireless gigabit+ performance, low latency, and long range, making it ideal for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use, or public safety applications.

af11 AIRFIBER 11

Main features:#

  • Full duplex point-to-point radio
  • 11 GHz frequency operation
  • Up to 1.2+ Gbps throughput
  • Includes one high-band duplexer for SISO mode (MIMO mode requires an optional second duplexer)
  • Integrates with AF-11G35 11 GHz antenna
  • Supports separate TX/RX frequencies
  • Accepts PoE or DC power

af11 AIRFIBER 11

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 28 November, 2019.
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