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Elboxrf Standard 5 17 90 V RSLL, 17dBi, 90 degree

Manufacturer: ElboxRF (TetraAnt)
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An Advanced 90 degrees Microstrip Sector Antenna #

  • 90 degrees HPWB (Half Power Beam Width - the angle between the two directions in which the radiation intensity is one-half - or 3dB - value of the beam)
  • High polarization purity - more than 25 dB
  • Excellent in polarizations diversity systems
  • RSLL feature - Reduced Sidelobe Level
  • Zero squint error
  • High bandwidth - 5.15 - 5.85 GHz
  • Flat gain accross the band
  • Very rugged and completely weatherproof for a long life in the harshest environment. All stainless steel fasteners and a aluminum bracket resist corrosion
  • Very low profile
  • Product is covered by a 5-year warranty

(FIG.1) Elevation pattern
(FIG.1) Elevation pattern
(FIG.2) Azimuth patternn
(FIG.2) Azimuth pattern

(FIG. 4) 3D pattern, 60/7.2 deg. HPBW

(FIG. 4) 3D pattern, 90/7.7 deg. HPBW

(FIG. 5) VSWR 5 to 6 GHz
(FIG. 5) VSWR 5 to 6 GHz
Frequency 5.15 GHz - 5.85 gHz
VSWR < 1.8 in the whole operating band - see FIG. 5
Gain 17.0 dBi +/- 0.5 dBi
Polarization Linear, Vertical
Elevation HPBW 7.5 deg
Azimuth HPBW 85 deg
Sidelobe supression Better than 20 dB - see FIG. 1
Crosspolar rejection Better than 25 dB - see FIG. 1 and FIG. 2
Front to back ratio Better than 30 dB - see FIG. 1 and FIG. 2
Lightning protection DC ground
Technology Microstrip, RSLL, ZERO SQUINT
Connector/Location N Female/Back
Dimensions 470x90x30 mm with the connector
Weight 0.6 kg with the mounting hardware
Radome material PVC, white
Base material High strength aluminum alloy
Construction All - weather operation
Mounting kit Includes mast mounting hardware, 2 inch (51mm) max.
Catalogue model Standard_5_17_90_V_RSLL
Packing Carton, 50x13x6 cm
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 December, 2005.
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