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PC Engines ALIX.3D3

Manufacturer: PC Engines
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PcEngines ALIX.3D3#

The PC Engines ALIX system board gives network OEMs a cost-effective SBC platform for their value-added software, such as wireless routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, industrial Ethernet, or other special purpose network devices. ALIX-BOARD-3D3 1 LAN / 2 miniPCI / LX800 / 256 MB / USB / VGA / audio - designed for thin clients or networked audio players.

PcEngines ALIX.3D3
PcEngines ALIX.3D3

CPU 500MHz AMD Geode LX800
Storage CompactFlash socket, 44 pin IDE
Storage CompactFlash socket
Power DC jack or passive POE, min. 7V to max. 20V
Expansion 2 miniPCI slots, LPC bus
Connectivity 1 Ethernet channels (Via VT6105M 10/100)
I/O DB9 serial port, dual USB, VGA, audio headphone out / microphone in
Board size 100 x 160 mm
Firmware Award BIOS

Model Processor _RAM LAN miniPCI PCI USB other BIOS Dimensions
Alix 2d0 LX700 128MB 2 2 0 0 tinyBIOS 6x6"
Alix 2d1 LX700 128MB 3 1 0 0 tinyBIOS 6x6"
Alix 2d2 LX800 256MB 2 2 0 2 tinyBIOS 6x6"
Alix 2d3 LX800 256MB 3 1 0 2 tinyBIOS 6x6"
Alix 3d1 LX700 128MB 1 2 0 0 tinyBIOS 100x160mm
Alix 3d2 LX800 256MB 1 2 0 2 tinyBIOS 100x160mm
Alix 3d3 LX800 256MB 1 2 0 2 VGA, audio Award 100x160mm
Alix 6b2 LX800 256MB 2 1 0 2 miniPCI express tinyBIOS 6x6
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 27 December, 2010.
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