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Fiber optic fusion splicer JILONG KL-300T, fiber optic cleaver,

Code: XB-SF-300T
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Fiber optic cable welder JILONG KL-300T#

High grade welder JILONG KL-300T designed for fast and efficient welding of large fiber-inside quantity optic cables.

Main functions:#

  • Splicing mode: Auto, Calibrate, Normal, Special
  • Fiber aligning method: Core, Clad, Manual
  • Display fiber cleaved angle
  • Display fiber offset angle
  • Auto focusing
  • Auto aligning
  • Auto detect cleaved endface fault
  • Display core offset
  • Display clad offset
  • Fiber partial core Compensation
  • Arc strength automatic adjustment
  • Display inside temperature
  • Display ambient temperature
  • Display heater temperature
  • Display air pressure
  • Display battery voltage
  • Taper Splice
  • Sleep
  • Auto Shut down
  • Software upgrade via USB interface

Specification table:#

  • KL-300T
  • SM (ITU-T G.652)
  • MM (ITU-T G.651)
  • DS (ITU-T G.653)
  • NZDS (ITU-T G.655)
Allowed lenght of trimmed fibers
  • 12~16mm (coverage diameter: 250µm)
Fiber diameter
  • Jacket diameter: 80~150µm, coverage diameter: 100-1000µm
Number of fibers
  • single fiber
Fiber aligment method
  • align to core or to jacket
Image processing method
  • digital
Average attentuation gain
  • 0.02dB (SM)
  • 0.01dB (MM)
  • 0.04dB (DS)
  • 0.04dB (NZDS)
Welding Time
  • standard 9 seconds
Welding modes
  • 53 (default) + 40 (user defined)
Bounceback attentuation
  • >60dB
  • 4000 results, 20 parameters per result
Fiber view and zoom
  • 300x (one plane view)
  • 150x (two planes view)
Acceptable welds cover types
  • 60mm, 45mm and mikro-covers
Time of weld cover heating
  • Standard 30 sekund
Weld cover heating modes
  • 9 (default)
  • 24 (user defined)
Temperature of weld for welding covers
  • Can be changed
Mechanical test of weld integrity
  • Pull force on fibers: 2N
Lifetimes of electrodes
  • 2500 welds
Amount of welds and heats on battery
  • Standard 160 cycles
  • 5,7" color TFT-LCD
Out interfaces
  • USB + VGA
Borderline conditions of work
  • up to 5000m ASL, temperature from -10 to +50°C, wind speed up to 15m/s
Power supply
  • AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 30W; battery:10V to 14V 25W; Chargeable durning work; Li-Ion battery, Charger
Dimensions (lenght x width x height)
  • 150mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • 2,7 kg without battery module, 3,3kg with battery module
  • 12 months (can be expanded to 36 months)
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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 08 May, 2016.
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