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Gigasektor BOX 17dBi/90

Manufacturer: Cyberbajt
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Cyberbajt GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand#

GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
Dual-polarity 90 degrees sector antenna with gain of 17 dBi. It's predicted for base stations working at the frequency of 5 GHz. It supports radio devices working at the standard of 802.1n and the technology of 2x2 MIMO. Can efficiently work with client dual-polarity antennas, allows to make better connection (link), lower SNR, and obtain higher capacity flow (even 300Mbps). Antenna has constant gain characteristic at the wide frequency spectrum 4,9 - 5,9 GHz. Antenna comes with 2 x NFemale connector in standard, stainless robust brackets allows for stable antenna mounting with slope of 15 degrees. GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand is DC grounded, what secures devices connected with antennas against current inducted by lightings.
Antenna has integrated a pouch for device installation. This inbuilt box allows for installations of the most popular devices inside, as RouterBoard 411, 433, 711, Alix, Ubiquiti and others with comparable dimensions. A big cover gives ability to easy access to an installed device or an antenna connector. Box enclosure has holes for two pigtails to connect additional antenna systems. There is attached FTP RJ45 waterproof system added, it allows for easy connection of a LAN or a PoE supply.

Important Features:#

  • Frequency range 4900 - 6000 MHz
  • horizontal & vertical polaization
  • Gain: 17 dBi
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 3 Years guarantee
Type Sector
Frequency range 4.9 - 6.0 GHz
Gain 17 dBi
Polaization horizontal & vertical
HPBW @ -3dB 90 °
VSWR < 1,5
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N-female
The pipe diameter 30 - 50 mm
Dimensions 512 x 138 x 92 mm
Antenna Weight 1800 g
Packing Carton
VSWR GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
GigaSektor Duo BOX 17 90 HV WideBand
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 May, 2014.
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